Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh My WOW!

So until about four months ago I didn't know anything about the AKC Agility National. All I knew about was the invitational. Well, when I learned of the National and the qualifications for attendance, it seemed unlikely we could meet the requirements and didn't give it much more thought. Then in October, the third Dane to ever earn her MACH, Tilly, set another new record. Tilly was the first Dane to ever earn MACH 2. She earned that second MACH just a year after her first. Still, I thought we'd come up short and knew I couldn't afford to go despite the 2011 (held in 2012) National being held in Reno, NV.

The requirements to attend the National differ from the invitational. It's not about breed at all. The requirements are simply 6 QQs and 400 MACH points (AKA speed points) between December 1 and November 30. Vegas ended 2010 with 49 points. She didn't have any double-Qs. We ended the month of November with 411 points and 16 QQs. We were just 38 points shy of qualifying. I still can't believe it and am just in awe of all my girl has accomplished. She's my first Dane. She's my first agility partner. And she's amazing.

So while we didn't get the AKC email congratulating us on our accomplishment this year, she earns my sincere congratulations and continued adoration for how simply amazing she is.

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