Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Invitational or Bust Countdown - 0 Days

Well, tomorrow's the big day! We're packed and about as ready as we're going to be. Our day started early per usual. The dogs wake me up for breakfast. I went back to bed for a couple hours and got up to start the day. I had to make two important phone calls - one to the Rosen Centre regarding my hotel reservation and the second about my first flight tomorrow. That took some time but once I was done, I had some breakfast, showered, and headed out. The dogs needed some exorcise (Thanks for the term, Lindsay.) but we had two stops first. I had to go to the post office to mail some collars, pick up some chewies at our local pet store, then we went to the park. We spent about 90 minutes romping around in the fields, the dog park, and the woods until the dogs were slowing.
One of our favorite things to do.... I leave Vegas in a stay and go out as far as I feel like I can without her self-releasing. When I tell her "okay" she gives it her all and flies back to me all joy and ears and tail.

"What's that sound?"
"Hi, Mom. What?"

Romping and bounding around gleefully in the grass.

"Is there a squirrel up there?"

After our fun trip to the park, I had to go home and change. Vegas went back with me to the pet store to pick up cat food and then we went back home again. I had a couple other errands to run and some groceries to pick up. By this time it was 4:30 and I needed to make dinner. And was feeling like the day was getting far, far away from me. Scary.

But as per usual, it comes together. I'm grateful it came together earlier than my usual business trips do. I hated the thought of not getting the rest I would need tonight heading into a long two flights with a dog and an insane schedule for the weekend.

The soonest I'll get a chance to blog again will be Friday. Hopefully I'll have some beautiful pictures of the grounds and a picture of the courses, too. Say a prayer for my friend, Valerie, who was loaning us a crate and bedding for Vegas while we're there. She busted her arm yesterday and was seeing an orthopedist today. She has to be in a lot of pain and was planning on volunteering at the show this weekend.

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  1. Hi there! Just wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves on the blog since we "kinda" met you today! We were the ones at the Frenchie booth. Good luck this weekend! I am sure we will see you around!