Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Invitational or Bust Countdown - 3 Days

Today we got up and went to our obedience club for a match. Vegas did quite well - I need to remember to remain peppy and not get tense. She reads me so well that it's very detrimental to her performance when I don't. I learned that we need to continue working on heeling with as much attention as possible - at least without sniffing or a wandering eye and recalls. Everything else was lovely.

Afterward we went for a nice walk at our local park.

Yesterday I got started on spiffing me up to match Vegas for Florida....
Today I worked on my wardrobe a bit. Checking things off my item at a time. And for now, I'm off to bed. My contribution to tomorrow's cookie exchange at work didn't get done as early as I would have liked so I have to finish things up early.


  1. Someone had suggested a cookie exchange for our work too, but I don't think they explained it right. It just seemed like a ton of work but I'm pretty sure they misunderstood it. Maybe?

    I like your nails!

  2. Good luck at the invitational!!! Falkor and Famke wanted to pass along the Liebster Blog Award to you over on our blog. :)