Saturday, May 17, 2014


Does anyone have a dog that gets real weird if you try to get on a swing? Can you swing with your dog in proximity?
So Vegas, my sweet, sweet Vegas who is usually so even keel, has never been one to get completely agitated at me unless it's out of excitement to do something or for something, but wow. Swinging brings out a Vegas I've never met anywhere else. Even if I ask her to sit and stay - or just stay - away from the swings, I am completely unable to swing with Vegas present. It's hard to describe her response. She pushes into me, blocks me, jumps incessantly at me, and even acts as if she would possibly use her mouth on my arm to pull me away. It's unreal. Someday I'll figure out how to get video of her reaction. In the meantime, I'm curious 1) What is the cause? and 2) Does anyone else's dog react this way about something? If so, what is that something that sets them off?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot (Damn) May

May sure came in with a bang. Rainy, rainy, stormy, and hot, hot, hot. Seriously. In Oregon we're not used to crazy upper 80s in May. Well, truth be told, not much anytime. :) But certainly not in May when one day was in the 50s and the next BOOM!

We've been laying low the last couple, but tonight we ventured out on a short walk and I think the dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They sniffed flowers, Vegas spotted some squirrels and had to call on her inner self-control not to drag Leo and I after it. I love, love, love her drive still ever so present - and the fact that after every squirrel she sees she checks trees for a short while following "just in case." Silly girl.

Here's a little "Recall" action from tonight.

With the hot weather, I'm reminded of what we did just a couple short years ago when the temperatures soared. Hoping to find a place to go swimming again this summer close to home. Enjoy this blast from two years past:

Things have been pretty busy as of late. The mower has been down so we haven't spent as much time hanging out and playing or doing agility drills, etc. as we would have were the grass short. But of course I've taken pictures of what we have done. Here's a few "catch-up" images.

Can you guess what she sees/hears?

Thirsty pup! Oh the advantages of being a big dog!

I've been remiss in putting a really exciting post up here so I'll try and get that done tomorrow night or over the weekend. Very, very exciting!