Saturday, April 28, 2012

April CAT CPE Recap

Two weekends ago we had a CPE trial. With three rings it was a bit of a circus. And running two dogs. Check out how Leo did on his blog! So going into this show after the previous, I had wished I only entered Vegas in what she needed. And Saturday started off rough with me having a real attitude about the CPE organization and how ill-suited it is to some size dogs. I tried to shake it off and did a couple hours later, but it started things off rough simply because the course designs can be so non-conducive to safely running a giant.

Anyway, I'm going to give a quick and dirty because I'm two weeks late, tired, and have another trial going this weekend. So here goes:
I do have video of this run but will have to share it later. It was an AWESOME run! Less than 20 seconds; she was amped up and smokin'!

Results: 19.59 seconds, 0 faults, 1st place, Q
This was a weird Jackpot course. Non-traditional...we could do the jackpot at any time. The jackpot is the three tunnels. They could be done at any time; the first time they were done was for the points. They didn't have to be done in any order and they could take other obstacles in between.

Results: 45.53 seconds and a Q! 1 down; 4 to go.
Results: NQ. We took a two part obstacle out of order of how it was to be taken so got whistled off. Bummer. We needed one more Snooker leg for our level 5 requirements.
Results: NQ. Long story short, we ran this one with an off course and then found out the timer didn't work. We could either take the course time or run again. I chose to run again. Yeah, well, we can't have an off course so shouldn't have done so. Poor V had to run the course twice for no reason. :( Sorry V.
Results: NQ. We barely got a walk and I was just out of sync with her from the beginning. I wanted to take the weaves (2B), the tire (6A), and the double (10B). Well, she sucked right into the tunnel so then I just couldn't think what options I would have otherwise from then since I didn't know the course well enough. Oh well.
Results: NQ. It was a beautiful run with plenty of points, but the far end of the tunnel just couldn't happen. That's okay; it didn't for hardly anyone. Obviously was a pretty tough challenge.
Results: 39.98 seconds, 0 faults, 1st place, Q! Our last required Snooker leg! Woop woop!
Results: 27.83 seconds, 1st place, Q! Our first level C Q and a pretty rainbow ribbon. :-) For you, Amy.  Photos to come.
Results: 23.72 seconds, 0 faults, Q! Another rainbow ribbon since this, too, was level C. 
Well, what can I say (about this course) that isn't obvious to any regular readers of my blog?  Yeah. Let's just say I joked that I should just have Vegas jump the three tunnels across center. Kind of the Evil Knevil of Great Danes on the agility course.

Results: 36.96 seconds and.... a Q! Another rainbow ribbon for a total of 3 level C Qs.

Our weekend ended with 6/10 Qs including 3 legs knocked off our requirements. We're left with just 3 Colors and 4 Jackpot to go. That's it! I can hardly wait. We might earn some of them at Nationals even which is the next CPE event we'll have in June.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Hint of Spring in the NW

Well, Spring is being a bit elusive this year. Rain, rain, and more rain seems to be the order of the day. We did have a perfectly glorious weekend though and I'll refrain from complaining that the short bursts of spring are more of a tease than of help. But we did have a great time in the sun.

Saturday evening after my son and I went to the zoo I took the dogs to our local haunt (Memorial Park) to run and romp and burn off their excess energies. Of course I brought my camera, too, to both places. Here is a bit of what I captured.
Billy Goat's Gruff...
I enjoy starfish at the beach. This isn't the kind we normally see in the tide pools and what not.
I *think* this is a live sand dollar one of my favorite creatures of the sea.
A penguin! They were quick!
Somebody needs a pawdicure. Yikes! He's like The Shredder. The Malayan Sun Bear
Above and below are different varieties of warty hogs. I forget which is which but to me, they're both "Pumbaa's."
Another of my zoo favorites, they tend to be fairly active and fun to watch.
Kitties will be kitties.

Enrichment time for the gorillas. They had all sorts of goodies placed carefully all over their indoor enclosure. They knew just what to do. This young man is 18 years old. He looks to be about three times the size of the other gorilla they have, his 51 year old grandmother.

She was the only critter that really made me sad. She was so restless, pacing back and forth, back and forth.

Funny sequence I got with this guy but decided not to put them all up. He was picking his nose, looking at it, and then eating it. Gross, but funny. Look at his smile? Pretty irresistible.
And here is from our little venture to the park. Although not in focus, I just got a kick out of this. Vegas being Vegas. If I was down at her level, she dropped what she was doing to come to me. Silly girl.
 Dare I say it....? A sign of spring?
Loony Juicy. Three pounds taking on 120, yes, trying to "engage" Vegas. Vegas didn't "bite."
Still trying...

Always the agility dog.

Not sure if Vegas remembered Petey, but he showed up at the park and she ran to greet him.
And what's a visit to the park without distance stays and recall practice?

We have a trial this weekend, CPE. I put together a spread sheet the other day with all her qualifying scores. We're down to the wire on how many legs we have to go. It's amazing. If there were more CPE trials available locally, we would be looking at our C-ATCH and MACH about the same time. As it is, the C-ATCH will probably be this fall while the MACH is likely June. Nonetheless, it's exciting and I look forward to this weekend and seeing a lot of friends, meeting a new puppy, and enjoying a couple of work free days with my pups.