Saturday, April 28, 2012

April CAT CPE Recap

Two weekends ago we had a CPE trial. With three rings it was a bit of a circus. And running two dogs. Check out how Leo did on his blog! So going into this show after the previous, I had wished I only entered Vegas in what she needed. And Saturday started off rough with me having a real attitude about the CPE organization and how ill-suited it is to some size dogs. I tried to shake it off and did a couple hours later, but it started things off rough simply because the course designs can be so non-conducive to safely running a giant.

Anyway, I'm going to give a quick and dirty because I'm two weeks late, tired, and have another trial going this weekend. So here goes:
I do have video of this run but will have to share it later. It was an AWESOME run! Less than 20 seconds; she was amped up and smokin'!

Results: 19.59 seconds, 0 faults, 1st place, Q
This was a weird Jackpot course. Non-traditional...we could do the jackpot at any time. The jackpot is the three tunnels. They could be done at any time; the first time they were done was for the points. They didn't have to be done in any order and they could take other obstacles in between.

Results: 45.53 seconds and a Q! 1 down; 4 to go.
Results: NQ. We took a two part obstacle out of order of how it was to be taken so got whistled off. Bummer. We needed one more Snooker leg for our level 5 requirements.
Results: NQ. Long story short, we ran this one with an off course and then found out the timer didn't work. We could either take the course time or run again. I chose to run again. Yeah, well, we can't have an off course so shouldn't have done so. Poor V had to run the course twice for no reason. :( Sorry V.
Results: NQ. We barely got a walk and I was just out of sync with her from the beginning. I wanted to take the weaves (2B), the tire (6A), and the double (10B). Well, she sucked right into the tunnel so then I just couldn't think what options I would have otherwise from then since I didn't know the course well enough. Oh well.
Results: NQ. It was a beautiful run with plenty of points, but the far end of the tunnel just couldn't happen. That's okay; it didn't for hardly anyone. Obviously was a pretty tough challenge.
Results: 39.98 seconds, 0 faults, 1st place, Q! Our last required Snooker leg! Woop woop!
Results: 27.83 seconds, 1st place, Q! Our first level C Q and a pretty rainbow ribbon. :-) For you, Amy.  Photos to come.
Results: 23.72 seconds, 0 faults, Q! Another rainbow ribbon since this, too, was level C. 
Well, what can I say (about this course) that isn't obvious to any regular readers of my blog?  Yeah. Let's just say I joked that I should just have Vegas jump the three tunnels across center. Kind of the Evil Knevil of Great Danes on the agility course.

Results: 36.96 seconds and.... a Q! Another rainbow ribbon for a total of 3 level C Qs.

Our weekend ended with 6/10 Qs including 3 legs knocked off our requirements. We're left with just 3 Colors and 4 Jackpot to go. That's it! I can hardly wait. We might earn some of them at Nationals even which is the next CPE event we'll have in June.

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  1. Woooo hoooooo!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the ribbon. The trial this weekend had gorgeous ribbons and I took pics for you too lol. Only 7 more Qs to go!!