Monday, March 3, 2014

Chasing Squirrels

A favorite pasttime...
You see... We begin by stalking. Oh so deliberately.
A little grapevine step to keep them guessing....
 Stop and listen....
Stalking some more.
Hmmm, is there something up in that tree?
Listening is important, too.

Oh, hi Mom!
THERE'S ONE!!!!! (Don't think she ever saw the one on the right.)
Wind up power!

The key is in cornering really well.

Sometimes you have to swing wide.
And wrap close to the tree.

Where'd he go?
Did you see where he went, Mom?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hooky Wednesday

Not hooky, exactly. But I worked a lot of hours this week and Wednesday I worked from home and was able to shorten my day a bit to go play. We've lived in Forest Grove for 14 months now and I'd not been out to Hagg Lake until now. We had it - blessedly - all to ourselves.

Something smelled very enticing...
Saying goodbye to the lake for now.
Enjoying a yummy bison bone when we got home.