Sunday, December 4, 2011

2011 Invitational or Bust Countdown - 10 Days

I've started on a checklist of sorts and am even using Excel. So far I've got three tabs: Errands, Tasks, and Pack. Under Pack I've got four columns started: Vegas, Clothes, Shoes, and Agility Bag. Of course the agility bag has to go in my suitcase, but there are still some critical things I need to make sure I have. I know I won't pack until the day before I leave (I'm off work.) but being prepared is something I really need. I don't want to go into this frazzed out. 

On the Tasks tab so far I have entered a half dozen things, some of which are time critical. For instance, I need to start Vegas on her Shen Calmer a week or eight days prior to leaving. This will help greatly in reducing some of the anxiety she has from time to time. I also need to pick up my draw check from work either the day before I leave or get it on my last day (the 13th). I'll need to grind Vegas' toenails right before I go. I'll need to give her allergy injection. 

I've barely scratched the surface but will get the lists thoroughly hammered out in the next day or two and feel a lot more comfortable about where we're at. 

Today Vegas went along to the agility seminar where we were focusing on Masters level courses this morning and International style courses this afternoon. I had left my chair set up yesterday so just brought along her big Costco bolster bed from the garage and a blanket. Today was slightly warmer - at least from time to time - but with her along I carried in the propane heater and fired it up. We did a lot of watching all morning but before heading out for lunch I asked if I could spend a few minutes with Vegas on the course before we got started again. Patty (the barn owner) didn't have a problem with it so we went out and worked. Vegas did fantastic. I'm continually amazed at how independent her weaves are now. I moved out laterally from her about 10+ feet and she just drove through like she didn't care where I was. I also sent her over a jump to my rear and then ran forward telling her to weave. I didn't look back until I was past the weaves and there she was just plowing through them. It was awesome. She also was really working the a-frame contact which I am pleased with. All in all I know she enjoyed the change of pace in the day and was content to curl next to me for the rest of the session. I learned lots and will post those notes in the days to come. 

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