Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Invitational or Bust Countdown - 6 Days!

At this rate Vegas will have more "outfits" in Orlando than I will....

Today I picked up her newest allergy serum. This one is a "mold spike." Last year she was in good shape. This year she's continued to itch and has been on Temaril P off and on for the last 4 months or so. The doc figured it was an increased reaction to the molds that kick up in the fall so we're going to try this out. And if it works she'll have a summer formula and a winter formula in the future, the winter containing more mold-fighting allergens. Here's hoping - I'll give her the first mold boost tonight.

Tonight we're going to sub for the last week of agility league after practicing at our obedience club for a bit. Part of me wishes we weren't because it's super cold and the barn will exaggerate that. But it might be the last time to get Vegas some practice, too, and I can't deny the benefit of that. I'm looking forward to the courses, particularly the games course. It's one where the obstacles are all set up outside of a huge box in the middle of the arena and you can earn double or triple points for obstacles completed while the handler is in the box. I'm finding distance challenges much more fun than they used to be, probably because Vegas and I are actually a well-oiled machine that works together and reads each other well now. Anyway, more on how league goes tomorrow as well as course maps.


  1. I know you're crazy busy, but when you have time (even if it's after you get back) I'd love to hear about the allergy diagnosis and treatments; just what you guys went through. Casey is still itching but I'm not sure what exactly the allergy is to. And now Layla is losing fur inside her rear legs, and I can't have HER going bald! Something has to change and I'm very interested in seeing what further options we have.

  2. Hi Amy - I'm sorry your pups are having such a hard time with itchiness. It's not something I'd wish on any dog - or owner.

    If you look back at December 2009 - January 2010, you'll find most of my posts there about Vegas' allergy experiences complete with her test results. She had the full workup - skin testing as well as blood work - AFTER I'd spent a year of food trialing. Most allergies for dogs are environmental versus food related.