Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Invitational or Bust Countdown - 9 Days

Today's not looking so hot. In fact, it has me a bit worried. Long story short, I had an injury to my left knee years and years ago and occasionally it flares up. The last time I saw an orthopedist he indicated I would eventually likely need surgery - probably when the bad days outnumbered the good. The good news is that I've not had a flare-up with it in years. The bad news is that it flared up Saturday and has stuck around since. Sometimes I can barely put weight on it. Other times it feels better to put weight on it and put it in full extension. It's very strange. But disturbing to say the least 10 days from such a big event that relies on my ability to move fast and fluidly. Chances are it'll go away in a couple days and I'll forget I was worried. But for right now, it's on my mind.

Wondering what all the seemingly random pictures have been about? Worried that the queen of agility Danes won't be properly dressed for such a big event? But of course she will! Been hard at work getting her couture completed. Here's a sampling of what she'll be sporting in Florida...


  1. She'll be gorgeous as usual! I'm so excited for you, can't wait to hear how it goes! I think your knee will decide to cooperate.

  2. Oh man, hope your knee gets to feeling better soon!