Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a GLORIOUS day!

There is nothing, nothing, NOTHING that compares with a gorgeous Fall day like we had today. It was the kind of day that makes you think everyone around you is nuts for putting up Christmas lights. And the even more fantabulous news is that we are supposed to have four or five more!!!!! Okay, so now that I got that out of my system....

So, on this glorious day, of course we had to get out and enjoy it. I had previously said I'd probably stick with around 4 miles for another week or two, but I do believe Vegas and I rode closer to 6 today. She was quite the trooper and super excited to get a drink from the creek. We started out with a 1.3 mile jaunt from our house to the dog park where she half-heartedly played for a while, helped a pit bull knock over her mom (oops!), and off we went again. Our ride took us to several areas we hadn't been before and on a lot more uphills, including some steep switchbacks near the creek. All told, we went about 90 minutes total so for the distance we went in that time, it was a great workout for both of us.

For my own benefit and tracking of the rides we go on, I spent some time putting together our route today as best as Google Maps would show. It doesn't show the path we went on but I believe it's called the Boeckman Creek Trail.

The little loop is when I went one way and then changed my mind and went back. I find myself quite directionally challenged and didn't necessarily get lost but needed to get my bearings from within this neighborhood.

Where the line jogs left is where Boeckman Creek Crossing was. We used to live in the apartments right by this trail so had taken in quite a few times before. I had forgotten how many switchbacks the trail had - and that it was all downhill there and all uphill on the other side. The creek was in the middle and Vegas was nearly overjoyed at being able to get a drink of water.

After we came off the trail, we were in another neighborhood closer to the downtown area. The green space is the Oregon Korean War Memorial park that has a wonderful wall dedicated to fallen soldiers.

Finally we came through town, crossed under the freeway and headed home. Vegas was quite pooped by then and I know I asked a lot of her. I had stopped every here and there to let her rest and catch her breath, but I had to ask her to really move when we made a left-hand turn across traffic from a car lane. She's such a trooper but when we got home the silly girl wouldn't rest! Just a short hour and a half later we were off to the barn to practice with our friends Shana and Pixie.

There were a couple of people at the barn with us and one more who came later, but the gist of what Vegas did today just rocked my socks off. We haven't practiced threadles in practically forever! The first time I tried them with her today she totally did it. In fact, we went over a jump, through a tunnel, over a jump, and into a 3-jump threadle. I turned her over another jump and did the same exercise back-to-back without a break! As I've said before, what a rock star!! Most of the rest of the time we did the same exercise but I threw in some variety with the A-frame and weaves. I really want to focus on weaves this week with our nicer weather as we have a trial coming up in a few days. But the threadle was really exciting today as she just did it and I stayed on the inside the whole time. Such a good girl I have!

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