Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Fun

Today was a rare day I didn't take Miss Vegas with me. Fortunately for me, she's not one to hold a grudge. Or perhaps it's because I came back when she was hungry, fed her, and so all is forgiven!

This weekend was an agility trial I really debated on entering. Any time I go to one I wish I had entered. But, three weekends in a row of trialing plus the cost, it all works out. This trial is hosted by the Mount Hood Doberman Pinscer Club at the Clark County Fairgrounds. I wanted to go up for a few hours to watch some people work and hopefully pick up some tips. I ended up getting there later than I should have and worked for three classes. It was fun and I even got to meet Marta Brock who is well known for running her Danes in agility here in the Pacific Northwest. So far I just met her Jive and didn't see the dog she was running, but there's always tomorrow! I also got to love all over another friend's Doberman, Rumor. What a love! It was nice to see a Dobie be lovey at a trial and not just driven! (Okay, well maybe that isn't the ideal, but I always want to pet them and give loves, so for me it's ideal.) This is one of those great clubs that "pays" you to work and you can exchange your worker tickets for a voucher to use toward trial entry fees. I think I'll go back and work some more tomorrow. :)

So that's that for today. It is always great to be in that environment. I'll probably bring Vegas with me tomorrow although she'll spend quite a bit of time in the truck. However, it will give me a chance to get her out and exercise her a bit while still letting me observe and learn from others.

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