Friday, November 27, 2009

Jingle all the way... (around town)

Today was GORGEOUS! It was perfect pick-me-up for a melancholy mood lately. It took me a while to talk myself out of bed today but I was so glad Vegas and I got out to enjoy the sunshine. Usually not too into Christmas this early, I decided to throw habit to the wind and ended up putting a Christmas collar on Vegas as well as her jingle bells. Donning her harness, my helmet, and my shades, we were off! I really enjoyed her jingling alongside by me!

Usually when we go to the dog park we take the back route that goes through the woods and under the freeway behind my house. This time we took the main route which is right at 1.5 miles. Arriving at the park, one dog was leaving and only one small dog remained. Shortly thereafter, a bunch of dogs showed up and Vegas played some but mostly hung around me. We left after about 30 minutes. I took a meandering route around town, stopping at the pet store and picking up some treats for my girl, then went to the post office, and then back home. All told it was about 4.5 miles. Even after having been stuck at home since Sunday, this was almost too much for Vegas. I kept her at a steady pace any time we were riding so she was trotting. The only time she got up to a lope or run was when we needed to cross an intersection. The last 1/2 mile were a bit difficult and I had to slow quite a bit. I'll probably keep our rides closer to 4 miles for a week or two until she can build up a bit more stamina. My goal by spring is 10 miles for both of us. We'll see how that goes.

As for today, she's a tired and happy girl. I hope tomorrow is another gorgeous late fall day that we can get out and enjoy on bike and four feet!

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