Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Class

Tonight was our regular Tuesday night class and, as I was driving there, I realized it was the last in this session. We had a somewhat interesting day leading up to class. Today was about the fifth morning Vegas has woke her Mom up at 5:51 am - Yikes! Okay, yes, I am supposed to be up then, but she is hungry! at 5:51 am. This morning it was raining and she tried to convince me she didn't have to go potty so she could eat. Silly girl. Go potty, I said, and she did. Good girl!

Okay, so feeding time at unGodly hour over, Mom went to work etc. After work we went for a bike ride to the dog park since it wasn't raining - an exciting thing this time of year. It was kind of late so we didn't have long and actually stayed a bit longer than planned as it was near dark when we left. But, staying longer was totally worth it. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about Miss Vegas is her full-strided run. There were a couple of dogs well-matched in size, probably 30 pounds playing happily when we showed up. All parties were interested in saying hello to each other and no fear/concern was shown. Vegas doesn't usually romp with dogs too much, but when she does, she usually chooses someone to chase. Oh boy did she chase these two! Such a beautiful sight it is to see those long legs fully stretched out, her body lower to the ground, and the ground eaten right up as she speeds across it. No matter how many times I see it - gorgeous to see a Dane run full out like that.

So then we ran home and she had about a two hour break before class - during which time she begged for at least 30 minutes for me to feed her. I caved and served up some yummy organic plain yogurt with raw honey, obviously not filling enough because she was begging again in no time. :) Apparently dogs don't do appetizers.

Off to agility class we went. Tonight we worked on 270s and wraps. Well, Vegas had practiced 270s on Sunday afternoon and was really grasping the technique. However, we were faced with a much larger 270 today than we had practiced. Oops! So one thing we were trying to do was to make sure that when she came over the second jump I was on the far side of the jump. Our partnership had been beautiful when I wasn't front-crossing, but for our exercise I needed to front-cross and be on the other side. Vegas had other ideas. She went around the jump. So our instructor, Tammy, put a 'gate' up perpendicular to the jump. Well, um, Vegas jumped it. Yep, all 30". Silly, goofy, but creative girl. So we turned the jumps up on end. She knocked them over. Okay, not working so well. Scooted the gates closer. She squeezed between. So, okay, what we learned is this: We have more work to do. Add that to the homework list for the week.

All in all it was a pretty good class. We have more things to work on which I'm trying to spin as a good thing...mostly because it means we're adding more difficult tasks and obstacle arrangements that, when mastered, will help to simplify courses for us. And Vegas is snoozing as I write this because she has a happy tummy and is tired. Her mom is tired, too. Goodnight!

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