Wednesday, November 18, 2009

KKZ's Apache Vegas Rose - PEDIGREE

I thought I'd post Vegas' pedigree since I came across it. I don't know much about who is who in the Dane world, but my girl is pretty awesome so no matter who they are, she must have a lot of goodness they passed down.

So after having attended a wonderful education event with our great dane group and a guest speaker friend of mine, I came home and immediately applied something I learned. I am SUPER EXCITED to find out the results of Vegas' dam's OFA hip/elbow testing and bummed that her sire has no record with OFA. However, here are the results from her Dam:


Registration:WS11083302 (AKC)Sire:WP92030205

Breed:GREAT DANEDam:WS04290204
Birthdate:Oct 18 2004Addtl. Reg. #
DNA Profile:

OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age Final Conclusion
GD-10392E38F-VPIHIPSJan 8 2008Feb 7 200838EXCELLENT
GD-EL1243F38-VPIELBOWJan 8 2008Feb 7 200838NORMAL

From here, the OFA site also showed me Shade's sire's results. While this doesn't mean Vegas has good or excellent hip conformation, it makes me feel better and hopeful that she doesn't have bad hips. Soon, hopefully, I'll be able to get the testing done for her, too. That way I can rest assured I'm not going to cause her long-term damage to her body doing agility and all of our activities.


Registration:WP92030205 (AKC)Sire:WP47644301

Breed:GREAT DANEDam:WP81572204
Birthdate:Jun 18 1999Addtl. Reg. #
DNA Profile:

OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age Final Conclusion
GD-7868G28M-PIHIPSOct 25 2001Nov 27 200128GOOD
GD-EL382M28-PIELBOWOct 25 2001Nov 27 200128NORMAL


  1. Hey Kennedy,

    Nice blog. I'm hoping I get caught up on your older posts this weekend.
    I noticed on Vegas' pedigree - the pedigree actually shows the OFA hip results for sire's parents! Did you notice?

  2. The ones that are there I did go ahead and look up. I see the OFA notation and there's a coding after it but I don't know what that means.