Monday, November 30, 2009

Talk about a guilty Mama

So sometimes we learn there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Here is my true confession: I pushed Vegas too hard yesterday without realizing it. This morning she struggled to even stand. She was stiff and favoring her left front leg. I felt SO BAD. In a heartbroken panic, I helped her downstairs and went about our morning routine, making sure the boys knew not to let her upstairs - I was afraid she'd fall without me there to take care of her. I debated on giving her an aspirin as she really seemed uncomfortable - at least in her movements. Alas, and thank God! tonight she was fine. I felt so guilty but am glad she was up and around tonight and that it was mostly stiffness from the exercise then curled up position she slept in last night. However, I learned my lesson and will be clocking our mileage very carefully so I don't bump up our distance and intensity too much at a time. My poor girl....

And on to the good news, we did make it to the Portland International Raceway's annual Winter Wonderland this evening and met all of our wonderful Great Dane friends from PDX Danes; plus, our friends Pam and Steve joined us with their awesome trio of Corgis, Blossom, Sketty, and Jewel. A great time was had by all and the weather held all the way until 9pm. It was a PERFECT night for a stroll around the racetrack.

Hopefully in the next day or so I can get some good pictures of Miss Vegas in her stunning 2009 Christmas attire. Can we say Deck the Halls with Hello Kitty?

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