Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weird Wednesday

Yesterday I took off work early to pick up Vegas from the house and take her to Turner and see Dr. Lisa for a chiropractic appointment. While I didn't have specific concerns when I made the appointment, I mentioned her gait being a bit off when we were out Tuesday and I wasn't sure what was the cause. We got there a bit early, around 4:10 and our appointment wasn't to be until 4:30. The person organizing this group chiro session had sent out the schedule of who was when the day prior. I would never have thought about "who" would be near us in appointment times until I saw the schedule. All I can say is, thank goodness we didn't have to be in close proximity. The appointment time right before us was this guy who trials in AKC with his Ridgebacks. One of the Ridgebacks, at least, is nasty and has hated Vegas from first sight years ago in one of our first agility classes. The same dog went after Vegas and our friend Rachel's Boxer, Harry Potter, at a trial a few months back. Since that time Vegas is a bit edgier around Ridgebacks until she knows it's not "the one."

Anyway, distaste aside, we didn't have any issues. I kept Vegas in the back of the truck as I got things situated and Leo harnessed etc. Then I took the dogs for a potty walk in the opposite direction of Lisa's trailer. He was nice enough to load his dogs and holler to me when he was done. Whew!

Dr. Lisa took a look at Vegas once I got her settled down and found a couple of tweaky spots in her back, two in the lumbar area, but nothing super off that she could tell from my description. Once she got adjusted we chatted a few and then before I knew it the dogs and I were back on the road. It was 4:26 - four minutes prior to when our appointment time was to have started. Whoohoo!

The other stop I had hoped to make on this trip south was at our vet's office to get blood drawn from both dogs. I received an email on a Yahoo list I'm on a while back requesting participation in a Sutter Dog Genetics Lab study. We were sent vials for blood collection and a questionnaire asking for a ton of measurements on the dogs including the length of each section of bone on their legs (front, back, left, and right), length of ear, width between eyes, width of head, and much more. We were lucky enough to be able to request (and have in the office) our friend, Rachel (a different Rachel), to be the veterinarian assigned to us. It was so nice to see her and say hello outside of the agility trial environment - and I'm so glad my "kids" behaved!

They were busy as it was the end of the day and we were there for a bit, but that was okay as we weren't really in a hurry. When we came home it was more of the usual bustle with the kids and not much else. I didn't exercise Vegas last night nor tonight as I want to be sure she relaxes after her adjustment. Chances are tomorrow we'll get out if the weather's nice for some romp and hiking time.

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