Monday, May 16, 2011

The Very Best Monday

Not just any Monday, a Monday where I came home from work and grocery shopping and took off for Champoeg State Park with the dogs. It was the very best way to end the day. Even better, the entire two hours we were on the trail, we only saw one person sitting in a car when we passed from one trail to another through a parking lot. It was blessedly, beautifully, amazingly peaceful, solitary. It was heaven. I've been going to Champoeg since December fairly regularly and I love seeing the changes the weeks and months and seasons are bringing. The park is positively bursting with growth, mostly green but with splashes of color all around. There are wildflowers in abundance and beauty everywhere you look.

Aside from the pristine beauty, the quiet, and the joy of spending a day winding down with my dogs in nature, the best part of the evening was my crazy squirrel hunting girl. And I'll let the video say it all.

Right before we got back to the truck the dogs were wandering around in the grass, sniffing and whatnot, and I was actually on the lookout for a critter to send Vegas after. Low and behold a squirrel or chipmunk appeared. Of course Vegas doesn't respond to "over there" and see what I am pointing at and by the time I could get her on the track it was up the tree. But, she had her fun anyway. Can you see him? 

He's not going anywhere with Vegas on duty. 

Of course before we had left the fields, Vegas had to have a hey-day in the grass, one of her favorite things of all time. 
A splendid evening come to a close...and a great start to the week.


  1. You're right! That IS a fabulous Monday! Loved the pictures of the snails!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. That sounds like such a great day!

    I love all the pictures. That park looks beautiful. The first snail picture looks like it belongs on a calendar.

    Btw on Facebook I saw we're mutual friends with Lynda Hammond. Did you know her from when she lived in Washington?

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