Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mom's Day for Vegas

Whoohoo, Mother's Day. Whatever. It was Sunday and a lazy one at that. I stayed up way too late last night (this morning?) so didn't get up until 10 or so. Actually it was when Lindsay texted me that she was done at the dog show. She had Heffner entered in Rally today at the SDTC obedience trial. I had mentioned yesterday if she'd want to get together after his run was done to take the dogs for a walk together in the woods at Memorial Park or down at Champoeg. She was game and so when she texted me I headed over there and we had a thoroughly enjoyable walk around the woods for about an hour. Vegas didn't go bonkers to say hello to Lindsay and we only saw one other dog while we were out and about until we headed back toward the trucks. There are so many paths in the woods that it was easy to detour and avoid that dog altogether since the dogs were doing so well and we wanted to keep it that way. I have to say, I am really excited for how well it went. Lindsay has worked very hard with Heffner to be in situations that challenge him. Thank God the woods at Memorial are Vegas' haven because I think she was just so damn excited to be out there she couldn't care less who was with us. So yay for a successful outing, a mostly dry walk, and two Danes who could be on their way to being friends again. Thanks for joining us, Lindsay!

When Lindsay was loading up to leave, I decided to let Vegas off leash to go crazy out in the field. I checked my phone and realized I'd missed a call from my friend, Pam. She wanted to know if I wanted to  get together at the park by my house for some nose work practice. Vegas and I have been out of class for over a month now so I was definitely game. I stopped by the house really quick to pick up Vegas' harness, some treats, and our nose work supplies and we headed down there. We, too, practiced for about an hour.

The park has two play structures, an historic house with front and back porches, and plenty of grounds to work with including some barked landscaped areas alongside the house. Vegas has never worked outside before so I started her on the porch. It took her a while to get into the mode of searching and she really struggled more than I thought she was. In fact, she was almost more interested in the doors and windows and trying to get into the "house." She did end up finding most of the items, which were paired, with the exception of one we had to really help her on. Vegas' searches alternated with Gigi and Jewel. The next one was alongside the house. We hid the items on metal fixtures around the basement windows, on the downspout, etc. She did much better there!

The last search was a bust and I decided to call it quits with her. We hid the items on the play structure but at that point she was clearly not going to work. She was panting and not even trying to sniff them out. She wasn't looking at me or asking me for direction. I think having been away from it for a bit plus working outside was just too much for her too fast. We're planning on getting together again Wednesday at another location and I'm going to simplify what I work with her on so I don't overtax her. I want her to enjoy it and have success, not struggle and stress out,

The rest of our Sunday was spent napping and lazy. I finished up a few collars for a customer order so they can mail tomorrow. They turned out really well and I'm excited for her to receive them in the mail in a few days. Hope all the moms out there had a great Mother's Day. Mine was rather dog-focused as the boys wanted to fend for themselves. I guess we all just have those days sometimes. Happy Monday soon, all

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