Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cool Opportunity

A message came across a list early last week that I replied to after checking my schedule. I'm excited to say we got a response in fairly short order and get to participate. Yay!

Here's the details:
You will each be assigned an Academy student. Please come to the door of the training center *without* your dog. Your student will introduce herself and together you'll go to your car, meet your dog, visit the dog potty area and then bring your dog into the training center together.
We will be finished no later than 5 pm and possibly earlier. Don't worry!Your dog will have plenty of rest breaks. GEARPlease bring your dog ONLY on a *** regular buckle collar or front-attachment (Easy Walk, Sensation, Sensible) harness*** with a 6 foot leash. Bring along a mat or crate pad for your dog to use as his own private resting place.  
We really appreciate your participation in this part of the Karen Pryor Academy program.
Basically we're going to get to work with Karen Pryor teachers-in-training. So, we get free work for a few hours under the guidance of an uber experienced Karen Pryor and Clicker Training instructor. I chose Vegas knowing there are more obedience related issues I struggle with with her than with Leo. I hope it's productive! Will definitely be fun, either way, to see more about how hard core clicker training and positive reinforcement methodology works. (For the record, I train mostly with the positive but understand how a good time-out can help with some hard headed dogs, and also am not afraid to say "No!" when necessary.)


  1. That sounds so cool!!

    I can't wait to hear all about it.

    I haven't done any clicker training with Layla officially - no clicker but I do use "Yes" as a marker word. And we do use compulsion and a prong collar but It isn't for heavy corrections.

    I also am a fan of time outs :)

    That sounds like such a great opportunity!

  2. Sounds like so much fun. Me and Koira are the first on the waiting list to do this, but I'm guessing no one is going to be silly enough to drop out.