Friday, May 6, 2011

I Forgot to Post This Yesterday...

We didn't continue with our nose work classes this session (Boohoo) because they're simply too expensive. Pretty much a major stinking bummer because Vegas was doing well and it was her only structured class/outing each week. But $160 for 6 weeks is just asinine. What bugs me is, 90 minutes south of me they're holding the same classes for just $90 a session. Grr! Anyway, I'm bummed. A friend of mine and I were talking and she, too, may not be able to continue due to the cost so we may continue training on our own. She's had a couple sessions more than us so that will be helpful and I have all the supplies plus we live within five minutes of one another. I'll keep you posted on that one.

I don't know why it matters this year but I've already bought the top 5 list from AKC for the invitational (twice). Here are the latest results:
I know we won't hit #1; Tilly is just too far ahead having surged last summer and fall to earn her MACH. Maybe next year when we earn our MACH!

On that note, though, I have some depressing news. My budget got shot to HELL today with car troubles. My truck is due to go through DEQ by the end of the month. I've been through twice and failed. Today I had to drop a hundred bucks just to get a more accurate diagnosis and have several hundred in parts to deal with, too. That means the biggest trial of the year that I would have been going to over a four-day Memorial Day weekend is a bust. I can't go. The entries alone were $168 and there would have been around $100 in fuel plus food and lodging. I'd be playing catchup through June to do it and in July I have to fork out $350 to kennel Vegas (possibly more if I have to kennel Leo, too) while I'm out of town on a business trip. *sigh* What a sucky Friday off work and a lame ass way to start Mother's Day weekend. Hope everyone else's weekend fares better, and happy Mother's Day to those of you with skin-kids to celebrate with.

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  1. I'm so sorry about the Memorial Day trial! I got shut out of a big Father's Day trial. I thought it opened next Tuesday but it opened this week. The trial is full AND the waitlist is full already too! Such a shame because I took the time off work. I know it's all my fault but hey.

    I hope your car troubles get taken care of. Mine is overdue for some problems that I don't have money to fix and/or diagnose. Ugh.

    I'm so bummed, I thought the qualifying period for the Invitational was through November. I guess I thought it was the same as the National, I dunno. Anyway, there are so few Malamutes at Excellent level I thought if I got one Q in Excellent B, I might be in. Even without needing the double Q multiplier. I'd need one Q in Open Std, 3 in Exc A Std and then the one more in B. BUT now that it's til July 30 (there are hardly any summer trials in my area) and I'm shut out of the 3-day Father's Day weekend trial, I'm waiting til next year too. It'd be awesome to meet you at the Invitational though!

    Didn't mean to complain in your comments, just wanted to share my sympathy because I know exactly how you feel!

    PS - $160 for 6 weeks is just ridiculous. Who can afford that??