Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday!

Today we had to get out of the house. It's not that we don't or haven't, but busyness and weather have prevented much in the way of exhaustive exercise for this girly. So today we ventured out in the early afternoon for a bicycle ride. In between rides (when it's been a while) I forget how much I truly love riding with Vegas. It's so refreshing and energizing and fun. She loves it, too. In fact, I have to start out for the first mile with a much lower gear and keep my speed steady and low to warm her up or she'd drag me down the street. I love seeing her excitement for the adventure, the run, and the time with me. 

Today we took our most common route from home down the street about three-and-a-half blocks then I let her off to run at the park nearest to our house figuring a good case of the zoomies on the squishy grass at the park would warm her up sufficiently. After tooling around that park for a couple of minutes, we headed across town via the through-the-woods-and-under-the-freeway path to the big park in town. I always let her off leash on that path and we vary our pace quite a bit... slow and steady up hills and cruising down hill. I also use that opportunity to work on our left and right commands. Once we got to the park I let her off leash again and she took the opportunity to romp and run and stretch her legs int he grass. Of course she drops her nose from time to time and I just kept riding. She loves to play catch-up and I know she really pushes the speed then. We had a lot of fun. We went across the park then meandered down through the woods on the gravel path, returning to where we entered the park. We took one more lap around the entire park on the paved pathway then headed home. 

All said and done we did 4.03 miles at an average speed of 5.98 mph. I have an app on my Android called Move! Bike Computer that tracks distance, idle time, elevation gained and lost, and a whole bunch more facts. Unfortunately I accidentally did something to lose our ride today so those are the only things I remember other than we were gone about 46 minutes and it said we had about 7 minutes of idle time. 

When we got home I expected she'd drink some water and mellow out. Would you believe my girl wanted to play tug? She got pretty wound up for a little bit, just shy of zoomies inside. We played for a bit and then she napped until dinner time. And is still napping now. That's my idea of a good day. We avoided rainfall, too, and only had a bit too much breeze for part of the trip. Hopefully we'll get an opportunity to go out again tomorrow. I'd like to make it a regular thing - for her and for me. 

Hope everyone had a good Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras. 

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