Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This morning the dogs got me up early like normal. I let them out to potty, let everyone back in, and proceeded with breakfast preparations. Vegas eats in the garage; the little ones eat in the kitchen. After everyone had their dish I headed back up to bed for a short 90 additional minutes. Since Vegas only had a chicken quarter, I thought it odd three minutes or so later that she hadn't come upstairs and that I hadn't even heard the garage door open and close. Usually when she comes back through the door it closes all the way and with little exception I never miss the sound. Of course then I started worrying.... What if the door closed all the way when I came in the house and she can't get in? OR What if she tried to swallow too soon and choked?

Of course the latter got me out of bed the fastest. I opened the garage door (which was not shut all the way) and watched her frantically leap over something in her path and scramble back to me. Caught! I had forgotten the 60 pound box of beef hearts I picked up yesterday was defrosting in the garage. Vegas apparently didn't. Foiled her plans! No beef hearts that are not dished up!

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  1. I guess she thought a chicken quarter just wasn't enough food! Do you feed her twice a day, or is that all she gets for the day?

    And, I have to wonder, how many pounds of hearts did she eat before you caught her? (Or was the packaging actually enough to keep her out of them?)