Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Contest

As a part of my one month delayed plan of rolling out a more consistent approach to my blogging, I am excited to announce my very first contest. The contest will run from today, February 2 until Friday, February 17. In honor of Valentine's Day and all the puppy love out there (plus to lift my spirits a bit during a time I'll miss my love even more), this contest will involve pup (and other critter) love pictures. You get to put on your creative thinking caps and adapt this how you like (Keep it clean, please!). Here are some ideas:
  • Valentine's theme
  • Valentine's wear (collar etc.)
  • Snuggles
  • Heart bokeh
  • Pup kisses
The Rules
Post as many pictures to your blog as you would like between now and the end of the contest
Comment on this post with a link back to your blog posting(s).

Feel free to share this with others.

Over the weekend following the contest period I will review all of the pictures posted. On Monday, February 20 I will post the winner of the contest and share their picture on my blog.

The Booty
Some of you may know I have had a lil' biz venture on the side for a few years. The first contest prize will be a Kennedy's Kustom Kollar Kreation of your choosing. That's right; you can pick from any available fabric or trim, select buckle or martingale, and the size and width you prefer.

So what are you waiting for? Get snap happy!


  1. Ooooh!! I'm excited!! I'll have to look at some pictures and post away.

    Btw, thank you VERY much for saying you've never sensed me trying to play the victim. You made my day!

  2. Awesome! You know we are going to have to participate in this! It sounds like a ton of fun.

  3. Hmmm well I don't have a blog but I do have a facebook and can link photos from there so I'm going to try!

    If that link does not work:

  4. Here are a few more: