Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Heart Day

Better late than never. Had the intentions and the "set," just not the time. So here's some of the shots I took.

I love how photogenic my girlie is. :-) And so as not to get behind on St. Pat's day, I took those photos while I was at it. But I'm going to save those until at least March.

I spent an hour or so today cutting up 60 pounds of beef heart. I was "entertained' for much of that time by Vegas' singing. Her singing, of course, amounted to demands for "more, Mom." I borrowed a page from a friend's blog, Flying Poodles, and cut up a pound or so into much smaller pieces to make into treats. Of course, being knee (elbow?) deep in beef hearts meant I didn't look up her suggested directions and went from memory. After cutting them into bits, I boiled them for a short while. I then drained and rinsed them. I set my oven for the lowest temperature it goes, 170, and spread the beef heart bits on parchment paper spread on cookie sheets. They've been in the oven since about 2:30 this afternoon with the exception of the hour or so I used the oven to make dinner. The goal is to dry them out as much as possible so they don't go back super quickly. I'll still store them in the freezer in between uses each time to avoid any bacteria or spoilage to occur. I can tell the dogs are excited to try them, and even one of the cats. Their noses have hardly stopped going all day.

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