Monday, January 16, 2012

Two More Sleeps!

Two more sleeps and the Rose City Classic is finally here! Five whole days of dog shows! Four whole days of agility! Tons of vendors. Tons of dogs. Tons of friends. Excitement. Danes in conformation. Obedience. Meet the breed. Did I mention I was excited?

Okay, so in all truthfulness, this dog show comes around every year but it's one of my all-time favorite events. And it's even more exciting this year because I got to take Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off for it. I don't get to do that every year because there's a trade show that often occurs at the same time. Interestingly enough I don't go out of town for that event so there's no real reason I can't be off, too, but that's the way it is. So when I get to take the whole time off not only for the days I show but also for the day of all the specialties (Wednesday), I'm all that more stoked. It's a great week.

So yeah, just two more "sleeps" and then the fun begins. Vegas is entered in Standard and JWW all four days. Wednesday I'll be taking all the oodles of raffle goodies to the show as well as my crates to set up. I'll spend the entire day helping the club (Willamette Valley Great Dane Club) and hopefully taking a ton of pictures of the Danes in the ring, too. There are a total of six shows over the five days so I hope to really have a chance to soak things up, learn a lot more about conformation, and enjoy some nice looking Danes.

And without further ado, I'm going to head to bed to start one of those two sleeps. Here are a few pictures, too, that I took yesterday while at the park with V.

Distance recalls in the field.


"Somebody" egged her on to go chase the birdies. I don't know who....

The river was so smooth and still I was almost convinced it was actually a lake.

Reflected in the river
I found it somewhat ironic the bank had all these cracks in the mud but it was actually quite wet out.

She's standing at the top of a small rise. Every time we're out in the woods, if there's an uphill at all she charges up then turns around like, "Aren't ya comin'?"