Sunday, January 15, 2012

PAC January AKC Trial

Last weekend was the Portland Agility Club January AKC Agility trial. We were originally entered both days but attended Ty's memorial service/open house at his mom's Saturday so only ran Sunday. Running just one day had its advantages. I only brought our agility bag, no crates, blankets, etc. I kept Vegas in the truck when I wasn't walking the course, otherwise she was with me. It was kind of a nice change.

Our judge for Standard was Mark Upshaw. The course had some technical elements but overall flowed very nice. People with a lead-out worked from the left. Those of us who can "pull" our dogs well or don't have a lead out tended to work the right at the start of the course. From the weaves I planned on a front cross to send her into the tunnel and to beat feet over next to jump 5. From there I was in position to be back far enough to not encourage the off course panel jump and, instead, pull to the teeter. One of the technical components was to get enough room off the teeter to make the turn to #7 nicely and then wrap back to the chute. From the end of the dog walk it was important to pull to the table, thus avoiding the #18 jump.  The wrap was the only part I didn't care for, mostly because it's just a hard pull on the dog's body to have them land and immediately reverse direction. Part of that movement is coming down on the shoulders in the landing position then reversing to the flat and trying to do so while landing. It's harder on their shoulders and can be on the elbow joints as well. Vegas rocked this course. I was so proud of her. We were right on that day and such a team. It was one of those feel-good runs where we were so connected.
SCT was 66 with a yardage of 176. Our time was 51.71 for 14 points. We were 8th place.

Something kind of cool about this trial I had never seen before was that our scribe sheet were on carbonless paper so we could pick up a copy after our runs.
I think we may have actually run JWW first, but I can't remember now. The judge for this class was Katherine Leggett, whom we had also run under before. I was going to work from the inside at the start, setting Vegas up at a good angle from the first jump to give me a shorter distance to #2 where I hoped to front cross. My backup plan was to stay on the inside and rear cross as I sent her over #4. Worst case scenario I would be on the left all the way to the tunnel. It's a good thing that didn't happen - she was moving! that day.

From the tunnel I needed to work the pinwheel and front or blind cross out of #9. Then I had to be cautious not to move too far out and cause her to take the off course jump versus turning into the weaves. Out of the weaves, I knew it was important not to move too far out so we didn't accidentally take #2. But then again, when turning to take 12 to 13, it was important not to turn too sharply. One of the most difficult parts of this course was out of the tunnel to 16, 17, 18. Vegas was flying through the tunnels and I had to make the same distance plus some. I needed her to move out from 16 far enough to curve nicely on 17 to make it flow right into 18. If I turned her too tightly from 16 to 17, then the bend to 18 and subsequent wrap is harder.
All in all, she rocked this course too and we ran as one. She did so well - especially with the killer long tunnel having to be taken twice. SCT was 45 for a yardage of 158. Our time was 37.12 and we finished 11th place. 7 MACH points for a total of 21 for the day. And double Q number 18. Woop-woop! That puts us at a total of 447 MACH points. Just two QQs and 303 points to go. I can taste it. It's a reality; we will be doing this. It's such a thrill, I can't even describe it. This journey, this adventure, is just the coolest thing. Vegas has been a dream of a dog and a dream of an agility partner. 

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  1. You guys are gonna get it!! I'm sooooo excited for you!

    We showed under Mark Upshaw once. His courses were just okay. He also had some maneuver that was tough for a big dog. I like technical courses but only up to a point.

    That's really funny about the carbon papers. Every single trial I've been to here has them, I thought they were required! That's what I get for not trialing anywhere else in the country. Our National Specialty in Michigan did not have them but I figured since it wasn't an actual agility secretary type thing, that was why. I was telling someone else online about how it's illegal in NJ for us to pump our own gas, so when I went to Michigan I had to figure it out myself lol. It's funny how different areas do things so differently.

    And yeah, I've been going to that show since I was four. It's a little sad because the trout pond guy recognizes me by this point and greets me with a, "This is your year!" Lol maybe next time.

    I do feel bad for the wolf. I don't mind donating to that sanctuary because they give seminars and things on the truth about wolves, which have always been my favorite animal. What I *DO* mind is another vendor who was there. A wolf hybrid sanctuary, who adopts them out! As much as I love wolves I would never, ever own one or own a hybrid. They should not be bred and should not be pets! Also, in states where they're illegal, people pretend they're Malamutes and then when they maul someone Malamutes get a bad image. I didn't take pictures of them and didn't even approach their booth. They don't even get a second of my time. Sorry, /endrant!