Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Back!

Okay so it's plagued me since I decided to step away. I have needed to be busy and while I spent the first week going to work and then sleeping all evening, it only lasted the first week and then I felt like I just had to get back into my routine. So here I am. Writing is cathartic for me and my memory gets poorer and poorer as time goes on. I hate to lose account of things and I am also struggling to keep busy as it keeps sadness at bay.

Thank you to those who commented to me after my last. The support was very helpful. I won't go into details but to say, the person I lost was someone who I shared a tumultuous past but was the husband of my heart despite our not sharing the same last name. I miss him dearly and still struggle to believe he is gone. But here I am, remaining, and life must go on. I'm trying.

I last shared about the first of three days for the Boston Terrier Club of Western Washington's AKC Agility trial in Elma, Washington.

Sunday we ran tall to small and it was an early to finish kind of day. Fortunately because I shouldn't have been there and am so fortunate my Vegas is so amazing. It was another no Q day for both runs but not because of V, for sure.

I seem to have misplaced and/or never scanned the maps from Sunday which is a total bummer. I've never done that before, but I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. It was a tough course but we actually almost had it. For some reason she knocked the panel jump on the back corner. Then we had what was probably a refusal since I lost her behind me.

We didn't even finish the course in JWW. The first mistake I decided I was not fit to run Vegas, thanked the judge, and left. We headed back to the hotel, went and got lunch with the boys, then took a nap. That was probably the best thing for me at the time and I slept again at a decent time that evening after having packed up our room to check out the next morning.

Monday was a small to tall day so I didn't have to arrive quite as early although there were fewer dogs and they were running Fast first. In the end I arrived probably 90 minutes before I even had to, but oh well. I worked and watched friends run and basically just acclimated and tried to keep my head on agility and nothing else.

Well, I managed to keep my head where it needed to be so Vegas wasn't short-changed....we almost lost it near the end when the final jump (as an off course) was almost too appealing. I'm not sure why my commands are so audible in this video as compared to normally unless it's the fact that my boys videoed from the upper part of the bleachers so...

A Q and 14 points! I was so proud of her.


Just like the rest of the courses that weekend, Monday's had a certain degree of technicality that kept us on our toes. I was able to drop in a rear cross again on this course and overall was fairly happy with it - particularly without a tunnel and with a long, smooth finish line. Another Q, 6 points, and QQ #18!!!!!

Seriously, a huge accomplishment considering where I was mentally the day before and on the drive home that day. But we made it and I couldn't have been more pleased. My girl rocked!

Correction -

This was QQ #17. Also, I found the course maps.

Sunday -
 Monday -


  1. Woohoo!!! Congrats!! #18 - that's so cool :)

  2. Thanks, Amy! Our goal at this upcoming week's Rose City Classic is #19 and 20. :)