Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weave Pole Practice

Tuesday we were supposed to have a private agility lesson with our favorite agility guru, but our disfunctional (read > multiple personality) weather caused a change of plans. Interestingly enough, although the weather called for one thing which led us to cancel, it held enough that we would have been fine. Go figure. So, when I got home, I had my son help me put our weaves back up in the yard and I hauled out a couple of jumps. With so much riding on our performance over the next two months, I really wanted to get Vegas focusing on the weaves with speed and thinking they were a lot of fun. Having them available at home and taking advantage of it is a start. Last night's practice, and tonight's, showed me we have room for improvement as far as two areas: speed and angled entries. Vegas does quite well, but you can never practice entries too much. So, we'll be getting the 2x2 weaves DVD soon and hopefully have some things to work on. In the meantime, we had fun in the yard. Vegas' incentive was a new treat I picked up at Costco yesterday and she was totally motivated to work for it, too - always a good thing. Today we did a bit more of the same and I also got her playing fetch and running in the yard with her giant tennis ball which is another at-home fav. Here is some of our practice from yesterday.

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  1. Nice!! I got the 2x2 DVD a few months ago and our weaves have noticeably improved! Susan Garrett is really great!