Friday, May 7, 2010

Private agility lesson

Yesterday we went to our first private agility lesson of 2010 with our favorite trainer, Craig French (He has the #2 and #3 Dobermans in the country.). It was gorgeous out...almost too warm. The first 30 minutes or so Craig worked with me on my groundwork and better analyzing the course and how to send Vegas where I need her to go. As always, I end up feeling like a complete novice and a bumbling idiot. NOT by anything he does. He's just so good at what he does. His ability to see a course, know where the dog needs to be, how and where to send them, what signals they need, how not to push too's just overwhelming. My ears were probably steaming by the time I brought Vegas out. And I realize more and more (and more) how much I need to work on discipline with her and focus. She loves and adores me, sure, but she doesn't always respect me and feel I'm the center of her world on the course. Sometimes she'd like to look around and lollygag and push boundaries. So, those are some of my goals in addition to what I have to work on for handling.

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