Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Day & Keeping V in Shape

I'd started worrying lately, and getting a little frustrated that all the work Vegas had been doing (by my direction) to really get in great shape was going to waste and we'd have to start over. We've been out of agility classes for a while now and the weather had turned nasty again on top of going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark and having kid things to do and homework and then the holidays, we haven't gotten out and done much activity. After yesterday's powerhouse ride/run and today's snow day, I would have to say she's still got it and I just need to refocus our efforts despite the weather. Fortunately with the DVD set I got, we'll increase our odds of being able to do so. This will help me combat the weather because I am so not a rainy day fan and, add to that the dark after a long day of work, and it's going to take an army to get me out of the house.

That said, boy oh boy, I hope I'm not as sore tomorrow as I am afraid I'll be. It was my very first time ever on skis and I fell plenty! Vegas, being the incredible girl she is, was right there every time. She did a great job of not getting on my skis and only occasionally got in the way of me getting up or actually moving. We got up to the mountain around 9:30-9:45 or so but it took a while to get our skis out on the trail, get our gear on, get gear on the dogs, and then head out. By Lindsay's estimation, we did about 2 miles out and then made the return trip. She got some good pictures and I took a few as well. Vegas was a COMPLETE goofball. She has this funny habit of "making" her bed before lying down. I know it's somewhat normal for a dog to turn in circles, but she takes it to the extreme and spins 180s and really roughs up her bed, generally making it more of a pile and mess than could possibly be comfortable. So out on the trail when she wasn't romping through the woods and the deeper snow off to the side of the trail with Bess, she was "making her bed" in the snow. Only once did she sit down and another time, had I not gotten up (from another fall) when I did, she probably would have sat, at least, if not laid down. It was pretty darn funny and now she's completely crashed out, sleeping hard from her day on the mountain. She loves the snow and, in fact, I had to hear about it for the 12 miles or so we had to drive up the mountain where she could see snow outside. Well worth the drive and the damaged hearing to bring so much joy to my girl.

Thanks for inviting us, Lindsay!

I snagged this picture from Lindsay of Vegas sitting in her "snow bed."

This was her making her "snow bed."

Striking a pose.

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  1. She was totally like a queen on her throne! That picture just cracks me up! We'll definitely have to do this again.:)