Monday, January 18, 2010

Final Allergy Testing Results

Today I received the long awaited call from the allergist I took Vegas to see, Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic. A while back I'd posted about the initial visit where they did all the skin testing, and subsequent to that visit we were to await blood test results which were sent out to a specialty lab. Upon receipt of these results, Dr. Randall and staff will create a serum specific to Vegas' allergies and we'll begin giving her injections at home. As if our previous visit did not result in enough weeds, trees, and grasses Vegas is sensitive to, today turned out to present even more. I asked the clinic to fax me the lab results as I was curious. The blood testing ranks allergies on a scale of 0 - 6 and she ranked a 5 on a couple of items. It appears between the two tests, two of the things Vegas is most allergic to are dandelions and clover. Yikes - where can I possibly go to NOT find those things? I'm thinking a golf course... and we live in the Northwest and she is somewhat allergic to pine trees, maple trees, red cedar trees, and a few others. Yikes again! Hopefully in a few months I'll be fortunate enough to post that she's comfortable and happy without itchies for the first time in her short life. My poor girl.

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