Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paw It Forward

So we recently got to take part in a fun activity called Paw It Forward. Being the doggie freak that I am, I leaped before I even knew what it was - thank goodness it was a good thing! I signed up on my friend Lindsay's blog and we got our Paw It Forward package today. Sooooo exciting! I debated on not opening it tonight because I was tired but my two-leggers really wanted to see what was inside. So here goes:

Vegas loved her piggy bottle toy - she snagged it right away and took off - tags and all!

Super yummy peach flavored bubbles that the kids were more than happy to catch and feed her.

Silly picture I couldn't resist including. Her boy was holding the squeaky ball up in the air so she couldn't get it. Nice curled tongue!

Thank you Lindsay, Heffner, and Bess!!!!! Lots of new goodies to play with. We're a very happy girl!!!

Now, to Paw It Forward, I need three volunteers. I'll be posting this here and on my Facebook page since my blog is still in its infant stages. When I hear from the first three people, I'll email you the details


  1. Yay!! It looks like she liked the goodies!!

  2. Yeah; I'd say so. Nothing like 124 pounds of puppy! She LOVES those squeaky tennis balls! Totally, totally her favorite! And the squeaky Cuz will make a great training toy in the barn. :)

    Muchas gracias!!!

  3. Great pictures! The curled tongue is my favorite. I'd love to have the Paw it Forward details. My email is:

  4. Okay, Paw It Forward is closed. :) I have all the volunteers/participants I needed (plus 1). Looking forward to it!