Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 1 - Fleet Feet Agility CPE Trial, Turner, OR

Tonight will be brief; I still haven't even debriefed on Thursday night's agility league and I need to get some rest for day 2 of the trial. However, I just want to say what an awesome girl I have. I was so proud of her today. It started out as an early morning and 28 degrees. The ground didn't start to defrost until about 1pm and within 2 hours the sun started to go down and the slight increase we had experienced in temperature was already dissipating. That said, no matter what, Vegas is a total superstar and I couldn't be prouder.

Our running order today was small to tall, beginning with Full House, Standard round 1, Standard round 2, Snooker, then Jumpers. She Qd in all except round 2 of Standard. The problem with that course is it started with a jump set up in the center of the ring and the second obstacle was a set of 12 weaves 90 degrees to the right. A teeter, set broad-side to us, was directly in front of the jump. Yeah, not good. So I went into it planning on "walking" her from the jump to the weaves. I wasn't obvious enough in my queues so she touched her feet on the teeter. An automatic 10 point fault. Then she did the weaves after just one false entry - YEAH! Our second mistake of the course and what cost us it was when we had an obstacle discrimination between a tunnel and the a-frame. I said, "Tunnel, tunnel, tunnel!" and she heard a-frame. Oops.

All others were Qs and it was a great day despite our constant battle to try to stay warm. For the big, black girl, this meant lots and lots and lots of leg rubs and wearing her super cute Hello Kitty ensem` the whole day (except runs). She was quite the spectacle - in a good way. More later, and videos to come.

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