Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Mixed Bag

Today was the day! (Wednesday, 12/30 - to be exact) My On the Ball DVDs were to show up - and they did! First though, I grabbed the kids and we went to the bank to open an account for my oldest and deposit for both of them. Then we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner because I had a gift card. Silly me...I paid the bill instead of using my gift card. Yes, it's been one of those days.

Then we hustled up the freeway to Barnes & Noble so the kids could use their gift cards. An hour and a half and two magazines that I hope are as good as they look later, we headed home. I had already planned to jump right into watching the sections of the first DVD I was most interested in and then get some ball work in for Vegas. She's really been neglected lately as far as exercise. For a while we had lessons on Tuesdays and agility league on Thursdays plus trials thrown in every couple of weeks. Now she's been pretty much inactive since the trial 12/5-6. We've done some biking, sure, and gone to the practice barn, but she's not had a serious regimen of consistent exercise.

BUT, darnit, our meat order we picked up on Monday had already thawed! I, for the life of me, cannot understand how the meat thawed when we got snow yesterday, temperatures were hovering around freezing, and it's just plain cold. But defrost they did and so my son and I spent the last couple of hours packing meat. Not my idea of a good time, but we had plenty of laughs. First of all, I have to share about Vegas. She's not always been a raw fed dog. We only switched to raw at the end of July this year. She took to it like a fish to water though, and is a bit more than obsessed by food. Every time I package meat it's a couple hours of laughs and annoyances as she bounces up and down on her toes on the other side of the counter from the kitchen, yips, whines, barks, howls, and makes any other sort of canine noise you can imagine, and swats at the patio door asking to go out because she believes when she comes back in her bowl will have magically been filled. She was a regular pill tonight and even scaled one of the baby gates we have in an effort to get to us. When I finally shared a snack she was even worse. At one point she launched herself into the kitchen and literally came screeching/sliding to a halt in front of me and the box of chicken feet I was bagging. Which brings me to my next thought/comment/point. Chicken feet are really gross. Like seriously, although we had some major laughs with the usual, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" jokes and the like. For your viewing pleasure, I've included an image that will probably imprint itself on your brain - or it has mine. That said, I'm glad I bought them and I know what I have (40#) will last Vegas a while, and I'll buy them again for the benefit they offer (natural glucosamine).

Vegas had never even tried them before but boy did she just gobble them up. She didn't bat an eye one second at what she was being given. Maybe it was the couple hours of antics before and smelling what we were doing that had her keyed up enough not to care?

So with New Year's Eve being tomorrow, we plan on going to a local barn for a little snack/potluck and some practice over courses. Add to the weekend some ball time when I finally get to watch my new DVDs, and we should be back on track. I hate to see all the work Vegas and I have put in go to waste. With our biking and regular agility, she had really built up some great muscle tone and was becoming quite the powerhouse. Hopefully we'll see nothing but more of that in the new year and I can continue to build her stamina with longer bike rides and maybe work her into accepting bikejoring.

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