Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heart Day Hiking

For lack of a better title....

Today was beautiful out. Fluffy clouds. Light breezes. Sunny skies. Increasing temps. Last year around this time we had a rare bout of snow. Took the pups out for a nature hike today. We started at one of our hotspots, a Vernonia Trailhead but there were TOO MANY PEOPLE. A total of less than a half mile and we were back at the truck and taking off for a less populous locale.

Vegas says, "It was a great time and we got back to the truck TIRED. Then Mom stopped and got us ice cream. Yum yum, I love ice cream. The rest of the day we napped until it was time for dinner then we went back to napping. I love getting out and having fun in the woods. There were excellent smells, lots of critters were there that I don't know what they were (Mom says elks and coyotes and deer.) and my nose was going crazy. It was a most excellent time with my mom."

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