Thursday, February 5, 2015


Wait, wait, wait a minute. No, I'm not talking about THAT (You know, the taboo kind.) of discipline.
The kind of discipline I'm talking about is the more self-involved type. The type that dictates how you proceed through life, your commitment, follow-through, etc. It's something I'm both very much so and very much lacking in. How is that possible? I'll explain.

Lately I've been struggling. A lot. In my brain swirls three thousand things I want to get done, need to get done, MUST get done. And in the end, a lot of time I get nothing done. And then sometimes I get tons done. I'm incredibly inconsistent. I have so many goals with my dogs, financial ability aside. There are things I can do if only I were disciplined. Case in point. Denise Fenzi has one of the most popular online formats and course offerings for dog classes. I cannot afford them, not even at the bronze level. But she offers scholarships from time to time. But I lack the discipline to monitor those offerings and pursue them when made.

Discipline. It's both my curse and my grace. So now that I've started this post, a post I thought up and allowed to swirl around my brain for the last couple of weeks, well, I'm going to let it fester some more and pursue it on a deeper level in my next post. Who knows; it may end up a strung out repeat topic for a while. And perhaps it will lead me to becoming disciplined again in the areas where Vegas needs me to be.

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