Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bloody Toe

We had an unexpected injury over the weekend. We went on a long walk down highway 47 and up the B Street Trail. The weather was beautiful, mid-50s, and sunny. Finally a day we could get out and enjoy. Before heading toward home, we cruised up through the Pacific University campus for a little more off leash time. We ran into a couple little girls who wanted to say hello to Vegas. They admired her Seahawks get-up... Green and blue painted toenails and team collar. One of the girls got a curious look on her face and pointed at a rear foot.  Vegas was bleeding.
Upon close inspection it appeared the flap of protective skin over the quick had torn. She was bleeding from the quick. At that point it was clear we needed to hear for home so off we went.
By the time we got home three of her toes were bloody. Fortunately though, it was just the one bleeding. I tied her leash to the inside of the front door and scrambled to find some supplies. A few minutes later I was soaking her foot in soapy, warm water. After drying it I applied some colloidal silver then wrapped some gauze across the toenails and used hot pink wrap. She got settled, a bit unhappily, on the couch. She didn't like having her foot wrapped one bit. I was a little worried about keeping it wrapped. I had plans to go out that evening and had visions of coming home to blood spatters everywhere and ruined carpet. She kicked it off once before I left and I rewrapped it. 
Fortunately though, although she unwrapped it by the time I came home again, all was well. She's had no issue since then and we even went on short jaunt on campus today.
I think the cause of it was twofold. I had dremeled her nails on Thursday evening so they were fresh and short. It happened on a rear leg and she occasionally drags those toes when we're walking. The combination of a quick exposed and concrete was not a good thing.

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