Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Night Practice

Somehow my game plan went out the window when the rain started falling again yesterday. Thankfully we had Thursday night practice to make up for it although I almost didn't go because I'm so tired and have so much to get done with the trial coming up this weekend. However, when your 125 pound dog is spinning out in your living room, romping through and leaping over laundry baskets, you simply must get her exercise!

For our Thursday night sessions, it varies how many people show up. Each night we have three nested courses set up and each of us runs them twice as well as working out problem areas within each course. Tonight was a doozy! I've included some pictures below although it will be difficult to tell what each course is without a map. Let's just say they involved some advanced and complicated maneuvers at times that were challenging and exhilarating at the same time. I'm proud of my girl because she works with me almost always. Tonight I pushed her pretty hard and she didn't let me down, although she made it abundantly clear when she was too tired and that meant skipping some tunnels. Her weave poles were done very well and she nailed her weave entrance almost every time. Tonight's practice makes me excited for this weekend. I should have a lot of video as I'll have a couple of friends there to trade videographer services with.

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