Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Game Plan

Vegas is entered in a lot of trials coming up. In fact, it's become downright difficult to manage my schedule and know what is when. But I wouldn't give it up for the world! On the agenda this weekend is a CPE trial at the Barb White Arena in Turner, OR. If all goes well this weekend, we could completely finish our level 2 title. We need just one qualifying run in Jackpot and one in Snooker at level 2.

My plan this week is not overly complicated. I don't want to push Vegas too hard as we're trialing a lot and I would rather save her up for those weekends. I am loving the sunshine though that we're getting right now during the day and the added daylight that comes with it when I get off work. Today when I got home I didn't even go in the house first. I just let Vegas out in the yard with me and we worked on her weaves. Albeit she was a little nutsoid and just wanted to launch herself at full speed from one end of the yard to the other. I wish I had my video camera at the time because she was doing this full tilt run thing complete with zooming around the filbert tree and then down the stretch of side yard and over the jump set up there. At times she was looping around behind a bush and coming back over the jump again on her race to the front yard. She's such a funny girl and most people don't get to enjoy this side of her because she really only lets loose like this at home. I'm no dog psychologist, but my best theory is that it has to do with comfort level. Home is home and it's where she knows she can be what she wants to be so she is a crazy wild child who tears around like a BC on crack be it in the house or outside in her yard.

Anyway, I digress. In between crazy yard assaults, I had her run the weaves about a half dozen times pushing her for speed and finding her entry. I only have six poles set up right now as she had been giving me trouble in trials with just six, but now that we've moved on to 12 for both CPE and AKC, I think I will add the remainder back again in a day or so. For tomorrow I plan on pushing the speed and entry thing again when I get home for just a short session and then reward and play. Hopefully this will be enough to mentally start changing her tune regarding the weaves in trials. Thursday I'll go ahead and put the remaining six poles in and repeat just that night. Friday I'll give her off and possibly do some ball work. And Saturday is our trial....results will be posted along with videos, hopefully each evening.

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  1. Sometimes - you gotta zoomie! Nothing like burning off some of that crazy energy.