Friday, February 5, 2010

Agility at Clark County, Here We Come!

Seriously, it's only been 12 days since we finished our last trial but we are so psyched to do it again. This weekend is another AKC agility trial hosted by the Mt. Hood Doberman Pinscer Club. Lots of Dobermans (love them!), lots of friends, and lots of good times with my girl. I'm really excited to see how she does in a more "normal" agility ring again, especially one where she's competed quite a few times. Ah, good old horsey dirt! LOL

Should be good times and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so I think we'll plan on spending time between runs walking outside and soaking up some vitamin D. Saturday we are entered in novice FAST, open JWW, and novice Standard. Sunday will be another JWW and standard run, our level for standard depending upon whether we qualify tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll have video to share tomorrow night!

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