Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Neck-wear Indulgence

A few friends have been posting lately about gorgeous leather collars they're getting, like, have ordered, customized, etc. One friend even ordered from a company I referred, Karma Collars. I make collars, of course, but I don't do leather (at least not yet). Typically I wouldn't be able to indulge in something so extravagant but I've been working really hard lately and I was having a particularly rough and emotional week so...

When Karma had a sale - Get a free leash with any collar purchase - well, who was I to say no? Karma makes absolutely wonderful products. I learned of them a couple years ago when they made a donation to a club raffle I was collecting for. I was so impressed by the creativity, design, and quality that I was all for promoting them. Their prices are actually really good, too, especially for the quality of workmanship - and in comparison to other companies offering the same products. I'm all for Karma!

So then when I made the decision I had to CHOOSE. How do you choose from so many beautiful items - particularly when you can customize? Well, sometimes you just go with your gut. The Stargazer immediately struck me and I went with it. Vegas' was to be 1.5" wide in black leather and I requested pink, purple, and clear rhinestone embellishments. Once the order was placed it was about three weeks out from shipment - YES, they're that popular and in high demand. Anyone who knows me knows I hate waiting. Hate waiting. I'm much more of an "instant gratification" kind of girl. But cest la vie; in such an instance I had no choice so waiting it was.

I got notice on Thursday the collar had shipped. It was sent two day priority mail with the USPS and I couldn't wait. Our schedule was such that we were away from home all day Saturday - leaving just an hour or so before the mail would typically arrive. Imagine my delight when I got home to this!

It fits Vegas perfectly and is so soft and comfortable. They outdid themselves and I love, love, love it! The leash is 4' in 3/4" black, soft, supple leather. It felt already broken in and for those who use leather leashes, you know what a treat that is!

Here's Vegas modeling.

She even wore it hiking on Sunday.
Karma also has a Facebook page where you'll see many happy hounds sporting their fantastic gear.

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