Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Visit to 102

Last Friday night I took Vegas with me to our obedience club facility (102) for the first time. We weren't entered in the match but wanted to go deliver our friend, Lindsay's, collars and watch her practice with her Danes. Let's just say that after leaving Vegas in the truck for 10 minutes while I went in and scoped things out, plus the fact that life has been way too busy lately, she was pretty darn amped up! The biggest thing was her very loud, and wet, panting. Of course she wanted to love all over anyone there and was nearly beside herself. But, we even got asked to be a distraction at one point and went out one door, around, in the other door, and walked across the front of the ring during long downs.

Then Sunday I had reserved time to go work with both dogs. I brought Vegas in first. I decided to focus on heeling patterns around the ring intermixed with some jump work for rally maneuvers and Beginner Novice exercises. I'm really excited to say she was very focused and doing very well. Little sniffing, little distraction and disconnect, and a lot more fun than the last time I tried obedience work with her. I set up my video camera for a good portion of our session and will hopefully get some of that edited out soon and shared.

My favorite part? Attempting a drop on recall and her bounding, exuberant rush to me with the drop onto the elbows, rump in the air, goofiness that is all Vegas. Love that girl!

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