Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clackamas Kennel Club Obedience B Match

Today Clackamas County Kennel Club held an AKC sanctioned B OB match for conformation and obedience. Originally I figured on just bringing Leo since he's entered this week in the Pomeranian specialty. After how well Vegas was working with me at 102 the other day and because she desperately needed to get out of the house, I decided to bring her. I'm so glad I did!
We had a chance to try out Beginner Novice. My biggest concern was really her not being able to sit in the middle of the ring while I walked around it. She held that really well! Her heeling was actually the biggest issue. She mostly forged. Strangely she'd been heeling really well outside the ring. I guess I must have different mannerisms inside the ring that I'll need to identify and work on. Other than that, not sitting on the recall (she went around me and then came to front to sit), and getting up as I walked back to her after the sit for exam, she did better than I expected.

The leashed heeling patter was a heel to a left turn, slow pace change, about turn, fast pace change, right turn, and a halt.
Only four dogs who were in the class would have received qualifying scores. Vegas got third!!!!! Not too darn shabby for a dog whose never taken an obedience class and who just had a quick practice a week ago!

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