Tuesday, August 3, 2010

May I have a drum roll, please....

I had heard through the grapevine....the AKC Agility Invitationals invitations were mailed on Friday, July 30. Of course nothing in the mail Saturday...but stopped to pick up my mail today and what did I find?

Larger than life; I know. Yeah, you could say I was excited. I still find myself holding my breath when I look at it - especially the #3 on the label. Wow. Seriously. Have I mentioned what a lucky Dog Mom I am to have Vegas in my life? We are a team, yes, but she's the one doing what precious few Danes do - and doing it with enthusiasm and vigor.

So I didn't open it for a few hours. Subconscious reverence perhaps? LOL. Nah. Had to feed the dogs, do dinner, and then we went to the park for a while. But alas, upon my return, behold the contents.

So it is now 100% official. We're in. We did it. Now I just need to mail in the entry fee and form and get my ducks in a row between now and December. Still a lot of training I'd like to do between now and then. I'll go over those goals in a few days when I put it down on paper and map out a true plan. I guess they give special ribbons for each clean run at the invitational and I'd love to have at least one clean run. 

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