Monday, August 9, 2010

8th Annual Dog Day Afternoon @ Hazeldale Park

Saturday was another demo for the JAG Agility Group, this time at Hazeldale Dog Park for their 8th Annual Dog Day Afternoon. What a fantastic event! Not only were there tons of vendors (like Solid Gold and Petutopia), but there were representatives on site to do demonstrations for flyball, agility (us!), disc dogs, and canine freestyle! Alison Eberhard of Dog Scout Troop 192 and Everyday Dog Dog Training Center was also there to administer the Canine Good Citizen tests. The only downer on the day was the weather. Boy was it humid! It really seemed to sap the dogs' energy - and ours. However, the show must go on and on we did. Our group arrived bright and early to set up our fencing and ring then the first course. By 10:00 or so we were done and I had also taken Leo to Alison's booth to take the CGC test. Around 10:30 we started our demo....

Vegas was off from the start - just not really into it and I was having to push her for speed from the very beginning which is not like her at all.
By afternoon, she wasn't having it at all. Thank goodness my son, Zach, noticed at least another reason why. Poor thing had torn the entire surface of one toe up and the pad was still hanging there. Obviously very tender she didn't want to put her full weight on it let alone jump and land and use it for leverage. So, she ended the day with a vet-wrapped foot. No harm no foul, but that and the humidity made for a very uninterested Dane. I contribute whatever success we had in the morning to her heart.

Before I knew about her foot, she had also run over at the X-Fido's area in Beat the Best, a 50 yard dash over four flyball jumps. Here are the videos including her fastest time out of the three runs, 2.18 seconds.

When we came home she had dinner and then got a nice bath. That along with a deep Zoom Groom rub down gave her a nice end to the day. Today she's gimping just slightly still on that foot as the pad heals and toughens up. I'm sure by next weekend or the following she'll be fine.

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