Monday, February 18, 2013

Boredom = Trouble

What's a bored, underexercised, cooped up (poor, misunderstood) Great Dane to do? When Mom is spending a quiet Sunday morning bathing the littles, she sneaks off the couch where she was entrusted to behave herself (READ: lay down quietly and not hurt her knee) and steals a plate of butter!
I heard the crash. I came a running! Vegas, too, launched herself onto the couch in hopes of not getting caught. The kitchen didn't fare well. Probably 1,000 pieces of glass plate shattered everywhere, nary a smudge of butter to be found. No wrapper either.

My concern was whether she had swallowed any glass in her buttery feast but my guess now is that she ran when it crashed, the damage (to the butter) having been done before it shattered into a million pieces.

Sigh. April 1, come on quick!

1 comment:

  1. I recently saw that someone had a collar tag created for their dog that simply said "Butter Thief"...Vegas must be trying to get you to buy her some new bling ;)