Saturday, September 29, 2012


Today I took Vegas back to Doggie Paddle for another swim session. I decided since it was difficult to get her into the pool that I'd be better off sticking with an "assisted" swim session again. Once in the pool, she did pretty well. Again we restrained her position a bit to have her swim in place. Following the same protocol as previously, we rested her after a few minutes. After that she seemed less interested in swimming and continuing to kick her back legs so we tried something else. Julie was at one end of the pool and I at the opposite. We called her back and forth between us and helped turn her if necessary. Worked like a charm! Rested her every few minutes for a minute or so each time to avoid overheating and kept on swimming. She seemed to like that a lot better!

In addition, after her last break she actually came off the ramp into the water herself. That's a big step cause she goes from solid ground to all water, almost like a drop off. She hesitated, thought about it, and just went with it. Good girl!

In other news, she had an acupuncture treatment on Wednesday. Rachel came over and brought some vitamin B as well. She did not care for the vitamin B injections so much...she says those needles are ouchy! (Even though they were just allergen syringes, she didn't like it at all.) But, she felt good afterword, went for a nice walk on Thursday evening, and swam today. Headed to the agility barn here in a while to see how she holds up this time.


  1. here's a tip from when Mom was a vet tech...when Vegas is gonna get the shot, start scratchin her head and rubbin her ears vigorously! The sensation of gettin her head scritched & ears rubbed can often distract from the prick of the needle & they won't even notice.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. Fantastic! Love reading about progress!