Monday, August 27, 2012

Vegas Learns to Swim

I have always wanted Vegas to learn how to swim. Last summer we tried to swim in my dad's pool. I walked away with a big scratch and Vegas walked away dry. There aren't a lot of places nearby that offer access to the water without it being pretty rough. And even at that, the Willamette River is pretty gross. But push came to shove a couple weeks ago. The temperatures were near to or at a hundred and our house was nearly the same. We were miserable and I all of a sudden recalled river access that seemed ideal for trying to get out and swim. So off we went to Mary S Young Park in West Linn, about 30 minutes from home.

When we arrived and began walking toward the river, the first thing we noticed was how much cooler it was. The forest was keeping the heat blessedly at bay. Second, when we got down to the river, the forest was positioned just right to block the sun so the beach and river were shaded. Score!

Ducks....insisting on hanging out where dogs were swimming. Tasty for dinner, Mom?
High centered...!
Hold on, Mom! I can catch you.

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