Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baseline Lab Results

I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, but I had never had Vegas' blood drawn for any testing except pre-anesthetic bloodwork when she was spayed. There never seemed to be a need and she has always been healthy. It was on my to do list and just kept getting pushed out.

Coming up on going to Florida, it was recommended that I put her on a heartworm preventative. When dogs haven't been on a preventative for a while, they have to get tested first. We stopped in Saturday afternoon and, when I inquired into the pricing of a full blood panel, went ahead and decided to just do it all at once. I'm glad I did so that I know for sure that what she's getting diet-wise is doing everything it needs to for her plus so that I have baseline results when she's healthy. Here they are:

When the vet called me to go over her results, the only thing "off" was her glucose reading. There's a funny story to that...needless to say, it was a false reading. The glucose level measured at 21. Normal is 71-130 or so. The vet I spoke with said that the false result was likely the delay from when the blood was drawn until it was tested. She said that Vegas wouldn't have been moving if she was really 21 and noted that she was in the day I brought Vegas in. Have I ever mentioned how connected to me Vegas is? LOL. Once I get her through the door to the treatment room at the vet, she's usually fine and cooperative for them. However, getting her there is the first challenge. The tech that brought her back to me was A) drug back to me, toenails sliding and digging into the laminate flooring all the way down the hall and, B) got lifted off her feet by Vegas when she stood up in the treatment room. Apparently she'd been standing behind Vegas when they drew the blood and when they were done, well, Vegas stood up and the tech went with her. Oops! They all had a good laugh about that and we agreed there's nothing to worry about with regard to her glucose level. So now she'll go on a heartworm preventative just to make sure we avoid those nasty little buggers. 

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